The Sclerotherapy    has  been  used  for years   in order to  eliminate the   small  varicose veins  and  the  dilated capillaries of the lower limbs.   We strongly advise you to make an assessment of the venous circulation through a simple Doppler examination  before undergoing the therapy . 

How is the therapy


Once  located  the vein that causes the reflux  we  inject  within the same, or within  the  surrounding  varices a particular liquid, with a  variable  concentration , which will cause an irritation of the vessel wall and the subsequent formation of a clot with  the  closure of the vessel itself. The  closed  vessels   during  the  following  weeks     will be slowly   reabsorbed  and  so  no more visible. The blood is then diverted to a  surraunding  healthy and functioning vein

At the end of the therapy will be important to carry out a compressive action on the limb to keep the treated veins closed and crushed. To this end,  for  smaller  blood vessels may be sufficient  a   compression stocking or otherwise,  for the  larger  varicose veins , you will need  to  place a bandage  for 2-3 days

La Mousse

  they  perfected a new technique of sclerotherapy a few years ago by the use of a so-called "mousse". This new method is suitable for larger veins. The foam or "mousse" has the consistency of the  shaving cream and is produced with the same liquid which was used previously for the therapy. In this way the treatment while making use of lower doses turns out to be much more effective. In fact the foam, injected into the varix, moves the blood  that is  into  the vein allowing  to the  sclerosing agent to be in direct contact with the wall of the vein for a  prolonged period of time without any dilution effect. This greatly increases the therapeutic efficacy.

What will you see after the session

The capillaries will  not  immediately  disappear , but can be even more visible   due to  the   phlebitic   effect caused by the sclerosing liquid. Therefore   at first they are  a  little inflamed , then become brownish (color  due to the  clot inside ) then, as it happens for the hematomas ,    light green  and finally disappear.  Generally it lasts   2 and 3 weeks. Sometimes, the largest  varicose veins ,  mantain  a   dark color  for a few months. 

Number of sessions

The number of sessions required will vary from patient to patient depending on the number of veins to be treated, by their size and by the level of aesthetics that you want to achieve


The sclerotherapy is definitely indicated for all  telangiectasis , big  highly branched  capillaries , in particular the  blue  one , and for  small and medium  varices . It is  less suitable for the  red  and very thin capillaries, . For these kind of  capillaries, both of the face (couperose) and   of the legs, the laser can be more effective.

 smallvarices      teleangiectasies