When we observe varices  of medium-size  and the pressure is too high to perform  a sclerotherapy , we carry out a minor surgical procedure called mini-flebectomy that is  somewhere in between the sclerotherapy and the  most  invasive  saphenectomy.    The mini-phlebectomy  is  very appropriate   in  cases   of  varices   of the  smaller saphenous vessels.


Phlebectomy is performed under local anesthesia and involves the removal of the defective veins through very small incisions of a few millimeters without sutures and scares. The patient can walk  and resume immediately its activities or at most after about a week once removed the  compressional  elastic  bandage

CHIVA Technique

It  is  a  Hemodynamic  care  through wich by  making
selective ligatures, you abolish  the reflux that caused  the varicose veins. These ligatures may be accompanied or not by the removal of varicose veins that  now would no longer be recoverable. It’s Important to perform a thorough investigation in the preoperative phase through an examination of eco-colordoppler to accurately identify the points of reflux and  perform an  hemodynamic mapping