Beautiful  lips

The  wish of many women. But  also in this area ,as  for the cheekbones , we see  exaggerated volumes that are more vulgar than sensual . The fashion  of the excess generates many repentant patients but the reverse path is often difficult because the filler used is  “permanent.” Therefore  some patients who  would like  to have some small tweaks , don’t do it     because are discouraged , while we can do much to improve this area.:

  • We can give the right firmness to those who have not ever had or who have lost over the years
  • We can correct the asymmetries
  • We can redefine the lip contour by removing those pesky wrinkles where the lipstick insinuates itself

All this is linked to the correct therapeutic approach coming from the canons of aesthetics and the objectivity that highlights the present  alterations . Let's start with a base and we have to work on that.

What are the most frequent mistakes ?

What is the best technique ?

There is not  the same   technique  for all but this  varies  according to the problem existing in the individual case and the result that it is intended to obtain.

Lips are not all equals !
 There are   many  morphological  variables of   lips with the presence or absence of alterations acquired over the  years (wrinkles, asymmetries). Below you can see some examples  of  the three basic variants:

Of course the therapeutic approach in the correction has been different in each of these 3 variants. Let's see the result of my correction.

The pictures of before and after show that it is possible to correct the defects and / or improve the firmness of the lips without exceeding retaining the naturalness.


Over the years I have developed some very specific techniques to achieve the best  possible  result.  In fact, we will get different results , depending on where and how you inject   the filler. From this was born my classification of the 4 levels of implantation  of the  product   which can be used  together  in the same session  depending on the case and  the needs, in the various morphological variants

The 4 levels of implant

 Two external levels and two internal for different corrective needs

The fillers used are of course absorbable and based on hyaluronic acid in different  formulation according to the type of implant. We must say that we  have currently  available very safe products  that last   from 6  to 8 months.
Moreover many fillers contain a small amount of anesthetic therefore they do not give a burning sensation. However, an anesthetic cream, In some particularly sensitive patients can be applied, 30 min. before making the correction


1° LEVEL  : Infiltration of the filler in the external skin area, bordering the mucosa to redefine the contour and  eliminate the  light roughness  that are  localized externally along the edge of the skin.

2° Level : the filler is inserted into the vermilion to correct the lines that run through the lips and to give volume at the same time  to  the contour

3° Level : : Insertion in the dry  mucosa , 3 mm below the vermilion, for young lips, without wrinkles, to obtain an increase in volume associated with lip eversion

Level :    Filler injected at the point of the border between wet and dry mucosa to fill lips that are dug out inside