We can improve    the  health  of our legs , prevent or delay  the  varicose veins and capillaries by following a few  life  rules

Physical exercise

The physical  exercise is very important. It takes 20 minutes three times a week to strenghten the muscles of the calf(second heart) and improve venous circulation in the legs

Recommended activities
  • walking
  • running
  • cycling
  • rowing
  • dancing
  • Yoga

Diet and lifestyle

A proper diet can improve the health of your legs, keep your weight within 10% of the recommended one and follow a diet  with high fibers   and low in salt. The salt causes water retention, constipation and pressure  increase

Clothing and posture

Some  basic  rules 
-Do not wear     tight   clothing as hinder the venous blood in his  returning
-Do  not  cross   the legs , this position restricts the  of venous blood flow
-Do not stay Do not stay sitting or standing for a long . Flex your feet every now while you can sit and walk 10 minutes every hour to ensure a  proper venous return

During the night, and when possible during the day, keep  raised  your legs  for  6-12 centimeters above the height of the heart.



The hormonal influence  on  the development of varicose veins is clearly documented. During  the pregnancy, the  60-70% of women will have  varicose veins or capillaries. Although most of these veins disappear within 6 weeks after childbirth , In  pregnancy  they  should wear compression stockings to help the blood flow.
Also the birth control pills and the hormone  replacement therapy ,     can  lead up to the varicose veins in predisposed women . Talk about it to your gynecologist to reach the  hormonal balance


The graduated compression stocking is a key step in the prevention and treatment of varicose disease. They are special socks that have a decreasing pressure from the ankle up to the hips. The tights exert  pressure on the veins and help the work of the calf muscles. The graduated compression stockings were once unaesthetic ,today are comfortable and aesthetically acceptable with a wide variety of colors and  pressure. Degrees.