One of the latest news in the world of aesthetics  is represented by the use of hyperbaric oxygen for skin care and particularly to combat and to prevent the aging signs

Why the Oxygen?

Oxygen is an essential element in the life of every cell of our body. The cell gets energy from Oxygen through the blood vessel  . What happens in the skin over the years? With the passage of the time there is  a structural alteration and  a  reduction of  some  small blood vessels that nourish the cells of the skin and thus also  a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients. In fact, the studies of the physical Von  Ardenne  (1990) tells  that the aging   is due  to   a  lower contribution of blood to the tissues,  a consequence of a  circulatory deficit  in the final section  of the capillaries. Other studies (Stuttgen G.) confirm that the number of active cutaneous capillaries decreases over the years and recent works (Stucker et al) show that the upper layers of human skin are almost exclusively supplied with oxygen from the external environment
 Aging, stress, pollution, disease, are all factors which affect  the microcirculation   with   a progressive state of suffering  of  the skin  skin: so we have a reduced production of collagen, elastin, and a slowing of cell regeneration . The skin  won’t be   longer young, dehydrated and  not elastic , not very bright and   with a  gray  color . We see  the first   sagging  of facial contours, heaviness and roughness more or less marked.

What Hyperbaric Oxygen is?

Researchers at the University Clinic in Berlin have shown that the use of topical active oxygen promotes the microcirculation and skin metabolism.  making it more healthy, toned, radiant and soft.

So the first benefit of the treatment  is a direct  revitalization of the skin layers. But there is also a second important effect: the hyperbaric gas is also.
important conductor and allows some  molecules to penetrate through the  dermo-epidermal  layers

To use hyperbaric oxigen basically means :
1° increase  the quantity  of  oxigen in the most superficial dermis-epidermis skin layers la quantità di ossigeno negli strati cutanei più superficiali dermo-epidermici
2° spread spread a specific cocktail of active ingredients with   a regenerating, antioxidant, anti-aging, sebum regulator and depigmenting action

How is the treatment performed?

We know that the main components of air are nitrogen in the proportion of 78%, and oxygen in the proportion of 20.96%. through a sophisticated device the air is converted into pure oxygen at the most 90% and at the same time is brought to a higher  pressure  than atmospheric pressure (approximately 3 bar), hence the name . hyperbaric oxygen.
Through the use of an handpiece , connected to the hyperbaric compartment of the equipment and with a scanning system  of  graduable  intensity, we  spread  the gas  obtained  in this way , on the entire surface of the skin to be treated. The  result   will be  an immediate increase  of oxygen end blood flow  into  the  tissues  (see scheme 1 )

Scheme 1    
Skin Hyperbaric oxygen
Low Flow e O2
Increased  flow e O2

Then we move on  the skin a cocktail of substances personalized depending on the individual problem (ac. Hyaluronic Acid, plant stem cells, antioxidants, depigmenting substances, etc..) then, using the airbrush and hyperbaric oxygen, these substances penetrate into  the deep   skin with all the benefits that this will bring. Hyperbaric oxygen is  simple, painless, and  immediately  effective  It is a therapy without needles and without   any  possible hassles  such as bruising and soreness. We can almost consider hyperbaric oxygen a sort of "virtual syringe" to inject  different products.


Many pathologies derive benefit  from the percutaneous oxygenation :
- facial  aging
- periocular pigmemntation
- Rejuvenation neck,decolletè,hands
- hyperpigmentation
- seborrheic  dermatitis
- small areas of  sagging skin
The absence of side effects,pain,trauma,and  contraindications makes this therapy suitable for any age.

Duration  and frequency of the sessions

The  treatment  lasts  about  45 minutes. The  personalized protocols , timing , products  used for  the therapy,  depend  strictly  from  the  state of aging and  any other  existing  pathology.   As regard the frequency , we can say  generally,  a minimum of 6 sessions, definitely weekly, followed by a  monthly  booster, in order   to maintain the  achieved result

Personalized  Protocol

In my opinion protocol associate the hyperbaric oxygen photobiomodulation (LED) in order to optimize and increase the results. The Photobiomodulation is based on the action of a light color, which is passed on the area immediately after the hyperbaric oxygen. The light interacts with the tissue and, by acting on its central energy, increases the energy production of cells. Then the cells so loaded energy use optimally the oxygen and the specific substances previously conveyed.


The results are already visible from the first session and  stabilize and  progressively improve , with high satisfaction to the  patients. All morphological  parameters of the skin  improve: firmness, elasticity and texture. The face looks younger, brighter,  and  tighter  the  skin pores, the  wrinkles   smoothed and above all there is an improvement of the oval of the face.
In pathological forms there is a clear improvement of the hydro-lipid surface  with a  reduction of the active processes with acne and a reduction of any present  pigmentation .