Anti-aging treatment for the face - neck - decolletè - hands

The  so-called   biorevitalization or biostimulation  treatment  aims  to prevent and cure in a natural way the aging process of the skin before the damage is too advanced. The goal is to maintain or restore youthful skin, restoring hydration, firmness and elasticity. A skin withered and aged will reorganize , after treatment,  its structure and  hence  visibly younger and firmer. In addition, treatment counteracts the action of free radicals unstable structures that grow especially in areas sun - exposed , and responsible for the so-called photoaging..


Skin has a very complex  and sophisticated structure  at the same time.  It’s 'divided into many layers and it keeps you young thanks to a continuous and rapid renewal of its components: cells, structural elements (collagen fibers, elastic) and so-called glucosoaminoglicani among which the most represented  is  Hyaluronic Acid. And it is just the presence of hyaluronic acid which is dependent hydration and proper functioning of the skin thus playing a fundamental role in the maintenance of tone and elasticity.

Why do you injected natural hyaluronic acid

Unfortunately over the years we see a gradual reduction of the proportion of hyaluronic acid in the skin, since already 35 years old, as our body is unable to produce it in adequate quantity. This reduction is one of the most important causes of skin aging. Injecting hyaluronic natural  acid   means to restore the shares lost and then fight and slow down the aging process.

What do we get

Hyaluronic acid,once injected into the skin, carries out its beneficial actions in the weeks after.

Early on,just injected , tanks  to its high hygroscopy capacity, it returns  immediately back the skin the compactness and firmness typical of young age.

- 2° BIOREVITALIZATION : - The  result  will be  a better functioning of the skin and  the establishment  of  an optimal  physiological environment, both through  the stimulation of its specific receptors present on fibriblasti and blood vessels. This will favor  by  one hand the production of new collagen, elastin and endogenous hyaluronic acid , and secondly a better vascularization. This action takes longer to manifest itself: about 60 days   from  the first  infiltration.

- 3° ANTIOXIDANT ACTION : they certainly  know  that the free radicals are largely responsible for cellular aging. These are produced by the action of  many pollulant factors    mainly from solar radiation. The natural hyaluronic acid has a strong action against free radicals counteracting their destructive effects. This allows us to understand the importance of a good treatment even in summer, before sun exposure.

Difference with Hyaluronic Acid Filler

In filler, the hyaluronic acid loses its natural structure as it is  chemically  worked (cross-linked,) as to   ensure  his stay longer   into  the skin , filling  furrows and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid filler is not recognized by its receptors and thus will no longer have its natural  biostimulation action

Other substances can be used

In addition to this substance may be added others, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nucleic acids, coenzymes that are intended to nourish, protect and detoxify the skin.

The programs for the biostimulation, as well as the  utilized  substances , vary according to the type of skin and of course by age: ranging from simple prevention to more intensive therapies for advanced aging. In general, the protocol provides 2-3 sessions at a distance of approximately 15 days from one another, and subsequently a single sitting of recall after about 3-4 months

How is the treatment

Are made  small injections distributed in various areas of the face but also the neck, décolleté and hands or other parts of the body that need to be restructured  as inner thighs, arms, knees.


Shriveling and   dehydrated skin.
Fine  and widespread lines especially of the cheek, neck, décolleté and hands
Care of aging skin
Prevention of skin aging in the young


There are no particular contraindications being the natural hyaluronic acid equal in all animal species and so there is no possibility of allergic reactions or intolleranz.a

Therapeutic Combinations

This treatment may be associated with any medical   aesthetic  treatment  (fillers, laser, etc.). In particular in  one of my  protocols  called m " Enhanced    Biostimulation" and dedicated to an advanced  age , I   make first a soft-peeling, where  occurs a  recall of water, and  soon  I  after inject natural hyaluronic acid to trap and retain water in the skin  as long  as   possible.

I  remind you  once  more  that it is very important to do an intensive treatment  of hyaluronic acid   before  the summer,and  before  sun exposure , so as to  defend the skin from sun damage.


News From pharmaceutical research a new   natural  hyaluronic  bio-interactive  acid  slow-release  it is called Ial System ACP. Once injected into the skin draws water and then gradually over the course of weeks releases fragments in various molecular weights which exert their effect of biostimulation at various levels


Hyaluronic acid remains much longer in the skin, and  both the  hydration and both  stimulation will be extended over timeIt’’s like having a stack energy that keeps  healthy our skin!