The Mesotherapy or therapy of the “Mesoderm” is made by intradermal  injections on the affected area  through fine needles of about 4mm which inject  small doses of different substances. The advantage of this therapy is to be able to localize and to treat the affected areas using a little amount of medicine


What products are used

The   products  that we  use , will vary according to the type of pathology that you want to treat and in the case of cellulite according to the stage in which it is . Therefore we will use substances against the edema , protective for the capillaries  with a  lipolytic action, or products with a  toning and firming  action   of  the skin. These substances are diluted  and mixed  in  physiological solution  and then injected into the dermis.



How is the treatment performed

You don’ t need anesthetic , the treatment is painless and small wheals will slowly released into the  treated  area as to have a more protracted  action in the tissues.The sessions required  can vary from 10 to 15  and take place  once a week. To optimize the results it’s possible to combine the mesotherapy treatment with other draining or shaping treatments to  be  performed separately from the mesotherapy, such  as Endermologie( LPG).If you are  overweight is necessary to combine the above treatment with a correct diet and a new physical exercise plan.
Do not underestimate a proper evaluation of venous-lymphatic system, since in the presence of vein problems,  the primary therapeutic approach will certainly be addressed to the care of existing varices or capillaries.