Pulsed Light - IPL

The presence of hair on  men, is  an  andro-genetic  condition of  physiological type. There are cases, however, where there is an  excessive growth of hair on   parts  of the body where  it is normally present and not normally present. This condition  is called Hypertrichosis (cheekbones, shoulders, neck, back).

With the use  of photo-epilation we can eliminate not only the excessive hair   but also reduce it  because it  can be bothersome.  

Fotoepilation - progressively definitive with pulsed light

The  hair removal means to delete hair  permanently from the hair bulb. Today  we  can do it   by   the  pulsed light (IPL - Intense Pulsed Light): we can have a  reduction of an unwanted hair in various areas of the face and body representing approximately  the  80% of the bulbar  heritage


How does the ipl work

The hair absorbes This particular light  and then transmits it, in  form of thermal energy (heat),to  the follicles which are  progressively destroyed. During the session   only hair in the growth  active phase is  affected      the  Anagen phase. After one month you will find other hair in the Anagen phase and repeating the treatment it  will be possible to destroy another part of the bulbar heritage.

The treatment

A session of hair removal can last from a few minutes to more than an hour, depending on the size of the area to be depilated. After treatment there may be a slight reddening of the treated area which will disappear in the space of a few hours. Sun exposure is always recommended for at least 5-7 days after treatment

How many sessions are required

For a stable permanent reduction are needed 4-8 sessions. From the first session you will observe the significant drop of unwanted hair in the treated area accompanied by an improvement in the quality of the skin due to the action of pulsed light.

Wich areas can be treated

All areas of the body (chest area, shoulders, back) and face can be treated. The spot is particularly large, about 4 cm ², so even large surfaces can be photoepilat  in a short time.


The treatment is contraindicated if the skin is tanned or if the patient makes use of photosensitizing drugs. In addition, the hair removal with IPL is not very effective in the case of white hair and lint with little pigmentation.

Pre-treatment  advice

  • Not recommended tanning lamps or sun exposure before treatment
  • Do not make a hair removal by waxing or tweezing, instead you can with a razor hair removal as it guarantees the presence of the hair bulb in the follicle itself.
  • It is  not indicated   brightening  the hair before the treatment because
    IPL is not very effective on light hair.