It is a treatment of aesthetic medicine which improves  the shape of the nasal pyramid with the use of filler and/or with botulinum  toxin.

This non-surgical rhinoplasty is clearly suitable for the correction of   small defects, especially on the dorsum  and on the tip of the nose.

In cases of big deformities and deviations of the nose, the medical rhinoplasty cannot  replace the traditional surgery.

In which cases is medical rhinoplasthy adviced
  • slightly  pronounced  hump
  • Modifications of the   profile of the nose
  • Deep  nasal root
  • Tip of the nose
  • Outcomes of trauma
  • Imperfections  after a  rhinoplastic  surgery
What materials are used?

The treatment is performed with completely resorbable fillers made from hyaluronic acid, sometimes the botulinum toxin is used to increase the  tip projection.
We do not use permanent fillers, as they may cause side effects such as granulomas, infections, and could compromise the results of a future surgical rhinoplasty.

How the treatment is ?


The treatment is  performed  in outpatient    clinic  , it’s  not painful, does not require anesthesia and it   takes  a few minutes. After a thorough analysis of the nasal profile, the shape and the projection of the tip ,is injected with a fine needle, or a small cannula, a  very little  amount of product    to align the  dorsum  of the nose . It will be also possible to increase the projection of the tip  and open the angle.

Filler injected into the depression of the back and the tip

After the treatment ?

Mild redness and possibly a little   swelling that will be solved in no time. Rarely you may have bruising and even these will regress within a few days.

How long does the result last?

The result is immediately evident and has a duration of approximately one year.

The profioplastica

Speaking about  rhinoplasty  you must  analyze  the  profile that is  all the prominences that characterize the face such as forehead convexity, cheekbones, lips and chin.