Cellulit - Skin Relaxation

What is it ?

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It is the machinery that uses infrared rays of type A

How is the treatment performed

The treatment is performed  by   repeatedly passing a handpiece on the various   parts  of the body  in  order   to slide on  a conductive gel. The heat at a controlled temperature    passes  through  the skin and is transmitted to deeper tissues thanks to the interstitial fluids that serve as conductors.

How does it work

The   heat absorption in the dermis   determines  the production of collagen with an improvement of the  tissue tone. The infrared rays of type A are also used as a therapeutic tool for the dystrophic processes of the soft tissue. The controlled  temperature rise in the deep  tissues, and  determines an improvement of the circulation with an increase in tissue oxygenation and an evident improvement and firming of  the  tissue. Even the areas affected by cellulite get a positive effect because of the increase in the cellular metabolism and fat mobilization.


What are the benefits

What you will note  immediately

  • Improvement of tissue tropism due to  AN   increased production of collagen and elastin
  • Skin toning in areas such as inner thighs, arms, buttocks
  • Considerable  cellulite reduction
  • Increase of cell metabolism by speeding up the removal of  accumulated  localized fat deposits
  • Increased blood flow
Is the treatment painful?

Absolutely not, in fact  during the session, which lasts   beetween 30 to 45 minutes, the patient will  experience   a nice relaxing time.

What are the expected results

This innovative treatment affects not only the cause of the problem but also  effectively    the unaesthetic appearance of cellulite accumulated over the years and / or sagging skin.

The patient will notice   after   only  a few sessions   an  improvement  of trophic  tissue with net reduction of surface irregularities and an increased tone, then will    continue  to  improve    the   elasticity  with  a  reduction  of    sagging skin.

How many sessions are recomended

The sessions recommended vary from case to case and after careful consideration of the physician. We indicatively evaluate a total of 10 sessions, plus a maintenance period every 2 or 3 weeks to be effected after the complete cycle.