The 4th dimension in Aesthetic Medicine

With the Bio-Rivolumetria we’ll  not only recreate the lost volume in a natural way, but at the same time we take care of the aging process of the skin and the face will look brighter and younger
Let’s not get anxious about finding increasingly resistant and long lasting but often rigid fillers, that are visible in the facial expressions   and  unnatural  in the results

For a long time I have taken a completely opposite  approach  prioritizing  not only   natural  result  but also the prevention and  care  of  the  facial  skin aging  process 'using natural substances   that reflect qualitative  standards, and are   chemically- treated  as little as possible.

From the  confluence  of  these  observations, the needs identified in the past from several years of professional experience and, the  availability of new special and unique drug injectors, an evolutionary concept in aesthetic medicine has emerged, called "Bio-Revolumetry"

What do we get out of BIO-REVOLUMETRY ?

We can do two simultaneous  actions

  •  An increase in the volume
  •  A  dermo-hypodermal stimulation

The word Bio-Rivolumetry is comprised of  3  fundamental objectives: "Bio" refers to the use of absolutely biocompatible and bioabsorbable  substances, "Ri" summarizes the effect of regeneration, renovation and "Volumetry" which clearly indicates  the formation and restoration  of  new volume.

So the term "filler", as a functionally  inert  substance,  mainly  able to occupy and fill in the blanks, is replaced by the term  Bio-volumetric  that identifies substances that not only create volume, but  also  interact with the functions of the host tissue. They exert a simultaneous vital  action  and  stimulate    a  restructuring  of tissue : So  we create the volume  and at the same time we take care of the  treated areas.

The skin will become more  firm , hydrated, supple and young,
facial contours will improve in their entirety


How  it was possible to reach this goal?

It has been possible , by  perfecting  the  the   technique    and the materials used in compliance with patients  and the environment in which we all live. The patient is  guaranted  that    hyaluronic acid used  is pure and of the  best quality and, thanks to a particular  patented  chemical process   we can obtain  a high therapeutic  efficacy , with very a  low amount of cross-linked  such as BDDE,  

Which Biorevolumetric options are available today?

Currently in order to fulfill this purpose we have at our disposal  two highly innovative materials that belong to the BIORIVOLUMETRIC  category but which have  different  applications.
They are Bio-Expander by Regenyal Laboratory and IAL-System DUO  by Fidia Farmaceutici.
They differ mainly  with  respect to their formula and interaction with skin  and the different ipovolumetric characteristics.
The Bio-Expander is used  when   we have a scarce subcutaneous tissue  with high structural  skin  impairment  of the skin  ,   while   Ial-System DUO is used   in   cases   where    a more localized reduction of  volume  prevails

In which cases is BIO_EXPANDER used

Bio-expander  with  its peculiar network  formulation  of  HA  in differentiated  molecular weights  with  a  slow  cross-linkage  wich  traps   free  HA
 Once   INJECTED    HAS A HIGH DIFFUSION CAPACITY (HENCE THE NAME) managing to penetrate into the most impervious  interfibrillary and intercellular  spaces .The portion of free HA  allows to obtain in the initial phase an intensive hydration to both the implant  and the tissue
The Bio-Expander  is therefore adviced  when  the reduction of the hypodermic bearing  is  more widespread and is associated with advanced impairment  of the dermis’ structure  and to  a reduced concentration of fluid in the extracellular compartment with loss of  osmolarity: in a few words in the   ipovolumetric  destructuring. Its filling capacity is associated with a constant and prolonged receptor stimulation that as time passes  becomes visible with a marked improvement of the skin structure which will be more elastic, bright and firm.

Bio-expander in povolumetric destructuring

In order to have the  best   result    the product is injected into the superficial layers of the hypodermis, forming a support  and can interact bilaterally (dermis-hypodermis). The Bio-expander has been planned from the beginning to be used with micro cannulas but can and should also be used with small needles for a implant  of total renovation.            

When do we use IAL-System DUO?

IAL-System DUO is adviced when the problem is mainly an HYPOVOLUMETRY, accompanied by a structural impairment.   Typically we find  areas   more or less localized  as  the temporal area, the  malar area in its front portion, the cheek, the chin, in this cases we use the IAL-System DUO. But what makes it   unique?  We find  in  front  of a particular chemical process that combines chemical HA cross-linked, with BDDE, to HA autocross-linked   by  a patented esterification process that occurs between the carboxyl  and hydroxylic  groups  of  HA.

Ial-System Duo  is  a  product  that   combines its high plasticity, elasticity, at  a  correct firmness and resistance and finds its main   application in the correction of the hypovolumetry where the hypodermic  reductive appearance  is more prevalent  respect to the   deconstruction which is  more  or less   in an embryonic  phase .
The product is positioned in the deep hypodermic areas  also in this case with the aid of needles or cannulas .
What happens when you inject it into the  skin? Alongside an immediate   volumetric  restoretion  the  share of  HA   auto-cross-linked  , goes  towards  an  hydrolysis process, put in place from  the interstitial fluid, releasing in subsequent months interactive HA fractions   in  various molecular weights:
is accomplished the restructuring process which gives the  face  a unique and natural appearance.

Ial-System DUO nelle Ipovolumetrie Localizzate

Can you use both products simultaneously

we  often   find  cases where   different  problems coexist :   hence we find in  the same face areas  that   require a  volumetric  localized  action   close  deconstructed  areas .. In these cases you can use the combination of the two bio-volumetric, treatments   diversifying the implant in the depth and in the  localization ..
With the Bio-Revolumetry we restore the volume   but we also fight the time: this is the    revolution  of the Bio-Revolumetry- the fourth dimension

what is the session like?

The treatment is  in  outpatient clinic  , does not require any type of anesthesia, (in some cases an anesthetic cream can be used). Are used for small cannulas that unlike the needles do not have the sharp tip and therefore are not painful and hardly affecting blood vessels.
The session lasts about 30 minutes and the patient can immediately return to work

Side effects

The trauma is minimal and the side effects are rather scarce:
- Swelling  is always more or less accentuated due to the  actraction  of water. But  Generally disappears within 24 hours  except  in about   5% of cases.
- Small hematomas due to the rupture of capillaries and venules,  don’t last  long ,are  reabsorbed  in   4  or  5 days
- A  rash may occur immediately after implantation,  to a particularly sensitive skin. They last a few hours
Normally    the  application of  light  make-up the normal activities can be immediately    resumed

How long does the effect last

Since  HA is a natural  and biocompatible  substance after a certain period  it  can   degrade and is therefore totally absorbed by the skin.
We can say that the average duration of the effect of the volume  varies  from 8 to 10 months. As already mentioned, the interesting thing is that in addition to the volume we have a clear improvement of the skin: texture, tone, elasticity and this is indicative of a restructuring occurred that endures over time.


- Forehead  : To restore the convexity and to  correct wrinkles

- Cheeks: for lifting effect giving tone and firmness

- Cheekbones :  to  increase   volume in a   natural  way

- Corners   of  the  mouth : To remove  the folds

-  BAR Code : to eliminate wrinkles and give back  firmness

-  Jaw  area and chin: to redefine  the face countours

Cost of treatment

It’s  difficult  to  estimate  the cost    of  the Bio-Rivolumetria,   since   it   concerns  large areas of the face, but  the session  can cost   average  600 Euro.
It 'true that the cost is significant but the safety is even more important therefore  we  use  widely tested  and safe materials .
Beware of  low cost medicine, it is not possible to maintain a quality standard  below certain costs!

Contraindications to the treatment
  • Skin  allergy   in  the  area of treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Herpes in active phase
  • Autoimmune dermatologic  deseases

I  firmly  believe that this process, already started  some time ago  , is the right one addressed  at the safety , the naturalness     and   at  the prevention  and not at the exasperation of the results, as  we unfortunately and frequently  see