The cheekbone  area  is very important for the volumetry  of the middle third of the face .It is made up of a lateral area  with a   mostly osseous  structure (cheekbone ) and from a frontal area formed mainly by fatty tissue (  Bichat  fat). It is precisely  this part of the face made up of fat that varies both sliming and the passing of the  years. We see a vacuum in shadow and a sliding down of the skin with a resulting nose  labial  fold.   
In reality, the reduction of the content (fat) leads to a displacement of the CONTAINING (skin). At a young age this area appears to be in relief (especially in those with  accentuated cheekbones), reflects light  and supports  the skin. To restore the volume in this area you can use specific  injective  materials    of  hyaluronic acid (filler) or surgical implants. We have observed that both  cases  (single bolus or prosthesis)  determine the formation of a kind of "ball" in the zygomatic area  that becomes even more accentuated when  they  smile, creating an absolute unnaturalness, for not to mention the lateral (profile) of the face.


My technique, called "PYRAMID TECHNIQUE" provides not a single  dose of product, but the insertion of a scalar quantity of absorbable filler even up to the achievement of the lateral region of the cheeks. In this way the volume is distributed evenly and in the right amounts  in all the area, in this way we can obtain a   lift effect  of the skin associated with an attenuation of the nose -labial fold. You can see  the  naturalness of the treatment   especially  both   in facial expressions  and  during the smile.