Carboxy therapy  is  the  use of  medicale  carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) for therapeutic purposes, administered (with thin needles) subcutaneously and intradermally  by microinjection  through a specific equipment.
Where  was  Carboxy- therapy invented

The beginnings of such therapy   dates back  to the thirties at a  French  health spa  (Royat), where Carboxy therapy   was mainly used for circulatory problems. Over the years and up to 1994   ,  20000  arteriopathic   patients  have  been  treated  . This  high number   of patients'  is an implicit validation not only    of   the therapeutic efficacy but also  of  the safety of the method

How is the session like

The session is performed by injecting  carbon dioxide  subcutaneously    by  a tiny needle    , which quickly spreads throughout the surrounding area and carries out  its   function . The treatment is safe for the patient, because the carbon dioxide is non-toxic and does not cause embolism: is compatible with the human body that consistently produces it   and   clears    through  the venous system    through   the lungs

How does the Carbossy work ?

Studies and clinical investigations have shown that carbon dioxide  produces    the following effects:

•  microcirculation : reopens the  closed  capillaries , reactivates those that  do  not  work  and increases the percentage of oxygen in the tissues by improving the situation   such as  swollen leg  to ulcers of various natures 
 fatty  tissue : it  breaks the membranes of fat cells ( lipoclasic  effect) reduces the accumulated  fat
 skin  :  the increase of  the oxygen  in the tissues ,  improves  the   skin elasticity,  therefore   you’ll  have  a skin rejuvenation


It’  one of the few treatments with scientific and clinical verifications of safety and efficacy in  localized   fat  , blemishes cellulite  (improves  skin  laxity , stretch marks, etc.) has a significant effect on blood circulation (  are treated  from venous insufficiency to  vascular ulcers).
 the  treatment  can be done during and after a diet, it’s not necessary  to lose weight in general, but to improve the aesthetic result and  toning the tissues .


is  an  effective  anti-aging  method of the  face  ,the tissue oxygenation  improves the skin  tone ,elasticity , wrinkles and the complexion  


is an   effective method  for  toning   , to  improve   the   relaxation of the tissues that are  difficult to treat ,such  as arms and inner thigh


Significant  effect  on cellulite, there is  a  smoothing of   the skin    with a   volume  reduction  of  localized  fat


Effect on Fat ,  it  reduces the fat accumulated on the abdomen and hips 


Effects   on circulation ,reduces  the sense of heaviness  and  swollen  legs
These  are  the  reasons  why the Carboxytherapy  finds its   applications  in

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Phlebology
  • Anti-aging medicine
Are there any contraindications

Patients who suffer from: severe renal insufficiency, arterial thrombosis, those  who are following treatment with inhibitors of carbon dioxide, cardiac tachyarrhythmias, previous stroke, pregnancy, thrombophlebitis, severe anemia. These  are  the reasons  bacause  the physician  should evaluate the correct state of health of the patient  before  .

How many sessions are recomended ?

The treatment is performed in  outpatient  The average cycle are  12 sessions a weekly basis. Each session lasts 25-30 minutes and  you can  return  to normal activities  immediately .