One of the  principal  requests of the men, attentive to their appearance is represented by the elimination of localized fat deposits that often do not respond to a correct and balanced diet or at  a proper physical activity. The most requested areas are represented  by  the abdomen and hips, but the  therapy can also be useful in other part of the body such as double chin   and male Gynecomastia  (fat excess on the breast ).  In all these areas there are some  particular fat cells that do not respond to  a  diet.



Localized fat reduction

After a careful examination in outpatient clinic, a specific diet and local  therapies  will be recomended .The local therapy  directly  attacks  the areas of fat accumulation and clearly this will happen  when the patient  is  closer to his ideal weight. The local medical therapy is represented from “  Intralipotherapy. “



The Intralipotherapy is not a surgical treatment   for  the reduction and / or elimination of localized fat. Is injected  into the  fat a particular solution that is able to determine the adipocyte lysis . This technique is used since 2003 and  the protocol  is now codified and  establishes  the dosage, frequency of the  sessions and a precise mode of infiltration into the subcutaneous tissue.  Phosphatidycoline  is One of the product ,  certainly well known,  used in such solutions   , but contrary to what you think, it is not such a substance on its own to have the   lipoclasic  effect, that is the   destruction   of  adipocytes but this is also attributable to the presence of other substances

The  therapy is not indicated   as a  treatment  for   overweight  or  obesity  but  an appropriate diet  will be initially    indicated,   and  subsequently   the localized fat deposits   will be treated

The treatment is  performed  in outpatient   clinic  and the patient can immediately  come back  to   his  normal activities.
With the patient standing are evaluated the areas to be treated and  possibly  making  a  mapping. Subsequently, with the patient lying down, are  injected deeply in the fat (see image), (using needles of appropriate length), small doses of the solution so as to distribute it uniformly over the entire  traced area. Normally  in   each session are treated two mirror regions , keeping  in   mind not to exceed a well-  defined  quantity of the active principle.

Possible side effects

In literature are not reported significant side effects  for  the above-mentioned substances, even if risks of intolerance to medication may always be present. Some symptoms  immediately present  after the session are considered normal and not side effects: burning sensation in the treated area for an hour and a swelling   that will remain for about 2 days or more.

How many sessions do you need

To obtain a good result are usually sufficient 3 - 4 sessions spaced at one month  apart.

What are the expected results

very satisfactory results and even more  if the patient follows the  given  advice  (diet and physical activity). Such treatment may represent an alternative to a liposuction surgery.  In cases of small or  middle entity and can also find discrete   applications  in cases of irregularities  afetr a liposuction surgery.