Platelets growh factors – PRP

This treatment  is made for  the prevention and treatment of hair loss
The  prevention when you  start to notice that you have both weak hair  and an excessive fall, it is much easier than solving a possible future baldness.

What do we use

The therapy is based on the use of platelet rich  plasma (PRP) obtained  from  a simple blood sampling directly from the patient. After have been  isolated the platelet  rich part  and  the  serum  , by centrifuging ,  we ‘ll  inject it  into the areas to be treated. This treatment can not cause allergies either  immune reactions

Because platelets

Platelets contain within the so-called growth factors that   start  a local process of repair and  a follicular regeneration  as soon as   have  been  injected

What do we get out of PRP

The purpose can be summed up :

  • Regulate the excessive hair fall
  • stimulating the stem cells of the hair follicles
  •  strengthen the stem
  • Reactivate the follicles not atrophied promoting hair regrowth
How is the treatment performed


The treatment is easy and minimally invasive .You make a simple blood sampling from the patient himself  ( as to do the clinical analysis)


Using a special centrifugal  you will obtain a separation  between the  plasma  platelet   rich (PRP)  and  the other  corpuscular  part of the blood  ( red blood cells )


The  obtained  portion , composed of serum and platelets (PRP), after being enriched with a particular activator, is immediately injected into the patient's skin.

At an initial phase of deep hydration and nourishment, that is determined from the serum,  will follow  an action of stimulation  , linked to growth factors released from activated platelets.

Number of sessions

You run 1 session per month for the first 2 months, then one session after 3 months. Then the patient is  annually reviewed   for a of recall session.

The results: does it work?

The PRP can not be clearly regarded as a panacea for all the hair  problems
From the recent International Literature can say that it has an important stop  of hair loss in 70% of treated patients and in 35%  of  regrowth. These results are very encouraging and satisfactory for patients in treatment.
There are also genetic factors that can adversely affect the outcome and among them we can mention:

  • The Age
  • The smoke
  • The aggressiveness of the fall
  • Diet
  • Hair loss
  • Thinning
  • Weak and thin hair
  • Small areas of  Alopecia
More information
  • Against Face  Aging

It is very useful for the prevention and treatment of the   face  skin.  Activated platelets into the face  skin  start a repair  and regeneration   process  and rejuvenation : the skin will be more radiant, elastic, young


It is a completely natural treatment, and all the material consumption is disposable: We use special kit to  avoid any contamination.