Cellulite or PEFS (panniculopatia-edematous-fibrosclerotic),  is  considered, as a secondary sexual character of the  women. the water retention   and  fat tissues  are at bases of this imperfection ..  The stagnation of   liquids  in the intercellular spaces of the hypodermis, which occurs during the monthly menstrual cycle   is  the  so called “ peau d'orange” effect


The action of female hormone, estrogen,and genetic predisposition ,are associated with a variety of causes that accentuate  and aggravate the normal development of cellulite .These are.

  • Vascular problems- alteration of the venous and/or lynfatic system
  • Pregnancy   - due to  the increase of  estrogens  wich cause a stagnation of liquids  and  a slow venous return
  • Birth control pills
  • Stress
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Poor diet            
  •   Sedentary lifestyle: the movement increases  metabolism, and improves circulation
  • Circulation
  • Prolonged   standing or sitting with crossed legs.  (circulatory stasis)
  • Too high heels
  • Hormonal dysfunction
The Evolution of cellulite
We can distinguish three  developing  phases

 1a -Cellulite Edematosys
This is the initial  state  basically characterized by an accumulation of liquids (water and toxins) between the fat cells. It is  localized usually  at the ankles, calves, the lateral region of the thighs and arms

  2a -fibrous  cellulite
It is  an evolutionary phase characterized by a functional alteration of fat cells, which begin to fill  up  with fat, and from a greater production of connective fibrous tissue .. the feel  of  the adipose tissue  will be  harder, with possible initial formation of small nodules.

     3a -Sclerotic cellulite
The Final stage is characterized by a complete alteration of the subcutaneous tissue.
the adipose cells   are  completely altered and non-functioning, are grouped to form sclerotized nodules  of various  dimentions . The water content is reduced and the tissue will appear irregular


The prevention of cellulite requires the use of comfortable clothes and shoes   and a healthy lifestyle 

  • water, vegetables and fruits
  • sport and physical activity
  • correct  posture
  • No  smoking and alcohol
  • Maintain your ideal weight
How to fight Cellulite

The  effective  treatments  to fight  cellulite

  • Mesoterapy
  • Endermologie – LPG
  • Scleroterapy for varicose veins or reticular capillaries
  • Cavitation
  • Presstherapy