Not only the mouth, cheeks, breasts, cellulite but also  non-invasive  small  intervention of  vaginal rejuvenation: new  field  of  the  aesthetic medicine. Apart from the surgeries that are performed to reduce the labia minora (Labiaplasty)  when they are very large, the aesthetic medicine takes care of giving back firmness, hydration and elasticity and possibly volume, for a tissue that, like all other and, even more, is negatively affected by various  aging   factors in particular  the hormonal problems    

The alterations

The female genital organs are subjected   during the course of life, from adolescence through pregnancy and up to menopause,  morphostructural and functional  changes  .The modifications take place  very slowly, but in the vicinity of the  peri-menopausal period , which normally begins at around 46-50 years, for sudden reduction of the hormones estrogen,  the involutional process undergoes a noticeable acceleration.

How to highlight the changes?

At a  vulval  level the   estrogen  reduction leads to  elasticity alterations , firmness and hydration and morphologically we can highlight:

1°  A volume reduction  (vulvar atrophy), more often evident in the labia, due to an involution of the fibro-fatty

2 ° A reduction  of elasticity and  hydration of  the mucosa and of the  labia minora. The color will not be rosy for the   vascular  reduction

Hypotrophy big lips

How do you make the rejuvenation?

The rejuvenation of the female genital area is intended for both the treatment of  the  labia majora atrophy  as to restore moisture and elasticity to the tissues.

  • Volume treatment
    The lost volume can be recreated by injecting inside of the labia majora, more rarely, in those  small  one , a dedicated  filler  based  on  hyaluronic   monophasic  acid , with a precise degree of cross- link
  • Treatment of trophism
    To prevent and counteract the physiological aging and  for improving  the conditions of trophic and  tissutal elasticity, some substances   can  be infiltrated   with a  bio-stimulating action. Especially recommended the  infiltration, made  with platelet growth factors (PRP) or natural hyaluronic acid with slow-release (Ial-System ACP).
    The therapy may be associated, to enhance the hydration  degree , with the topical application of  a  particular  gel with an action  humectant  and  trophic
    The dryness and vulvar itching will improve a lot
Volumizing treatment of the labia majora?

The treatment is performed in   outpatient clinic   and normally  it doesn’t  require    anesthesia or at most a small local anesthesia performed at the point of introduction of the cannulina. It makes a mapping that defines the most salient points of the labia majora. Through a small hole is introduced a cannula that will be used to inject the product.

we  use a very special product   that   restores  in a totally  natural  way the volume of the labia  , and  at the same time improves their  elasticity and hydration.

Side effects ?

Generally absent or at most  there may be small bruising. The treatment is not painful and the patient can immediately return to work.

Today, the mental well-being is considered in its totality, and problems which  were   difficult before to  speak  , they can be easily treated: they are no longer a taboo, or perhaps not yet for all.
We are facing a lengthening of life and also the one on the sexual sphere.
Through these simple and non-invasive treatments, the woman can still preserve or accentuate her femininity thus presenting herself in her best form.
The average age of these interventions varies between 45 and 60 years.