There are some areas in the body where fat accumulations (fat tissue) tend to stay even following a balanced diet and regular physical activity: hips, abdomen, knees, arms. In such areas the fat cells do not react to a strict diet.


Localized fat reduction

Following an in depth an examination in at the practice, the best therapy will be advised that will comprehend both the right therapeutic measures (correct diet and activity) and localized therapeutic measures.  Through the localized therapy one can directly attack the buildups of fat. This will take place once the patient has come to reach as close as possible his/hers ideal body weight.  The localized therapy can be either medical (INTRALIPOTERAPIA) or surgical (liposuction).



This is a technique through infiltration of injectable solutions that are able to brake adipocytes (ADIPOCITOLISI). Such technique has been used since 2003 following the encoded protocol that establishes the right posology, timings between appointments and correct subcutaneous infiltration methodology. One of the most popular and used products in this case in the FOSFATIDILCOLINA but contrary to what is believed it is not this substance alone that results in the LIPOCLASICO effect on the adipocytes.

What is Phosphatidycholine

Phosphatidylcholine is one of the most present phospholipids in the human body tissue and is the main constituent of the cell membrane. Until not so long ago it was widely used to as an injectable drug to dissolve fat embolisms that could appear as a result of traumas. It is in fact true that such substance is able to reduce the volume of fat cells.

How the treatment is performed

It will take place in a surgery and the patient is able to resume his/hers daily activities right away.  With the patient standing up we make an assessment of the area to treat and if need even a mapping of the areas. Subsequently, with the patient laying down, we inject deep into the skin and with the appropriate needle, small doses of the substance so to distribute uniformly throughout the whole area to treat.  Usually we treat two mirror areas and carefully not overdosing.

What areas are to be treated

 All areas generally affected by localized accumulation of fat such as: abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, arms and double chin.

Possible side effects

Generally there are no significant side effect reported aside from the possible intolerance to the actual product. Some smaller side effects that may occur immediately after the treatment: burning sensation on the treated area for about one hour and a little swelling for a couple of days.

How many sessions are advised

For an optimal result 3 to 4 sessions are enough spaced between one month form one another. This treatment can be a very good option alternative from the surgical one of liposuction. Sometimes this treatment is also applied in conjunction with surgery.


It is impossible to do miracles especially if the patient does not follow the given guidelines (correct diet and physical activity) however, results do show with a high percentage of reducing cosmetic imperfections.

Treatments that can be associated

We combine two types of therapy:

  • The Cavitation whose  lipoclasic  effect  is associated with shock waves, can improve and accelerate the  fat  reduction , especially those of long standing, th
  • L 'Endermologie which with its draining effect helps the  absorption  of  the melted fat. It also has a  remodeling and restructuring   effect  on the connective tissue  improving the tone and elasticity of the skin.