Volumes and Restructuring of the Face

I   developed  a new  tecnique    to restore  the facial volumes: making  the filling, always with natural fillers   ,  primarily   made    of  hyaluronic acid,    using no more needles but   small   microcannulas

What Microcannulas are ?

Cannulas are different from   needles because they do not have a sharp point but a closed  and rounded apex


Schema 1: difference between  needle and cannula


The discharge of the product  from   the cannula  occurs   by  a  lateral   hole  while in the needle occurs   by  the apical foramen


Schema 2: product released

What are the advantages ?

The advantages of  using    cannulas are related to their length but  over  all to their  rounded tip and therefore not  sharp.
The advantages can be grouped together  in some  basic  points:

  • Limited Entry points
  • Large areas  of  intervention
  • Reduction of Trauma and Pain
  • Reduced   rupture of the  Vessels
  • Tensive effect on the  skin
  • Reduced Formation of Ecchymosis

Cannulas are of  different dimentions , both   of  length and   diameter, it will be up to the  doctor’s   decision   wich  kind of cannulas  and wich    product  is to be  used and  the area to be treated..

cannulas of various sizes

With the use of a needle, of the same diameter of the cannula, it makes a small hole in the skin through which  you enter the cannula

Then through a backwards and forwards movement   they make  parallel paths into  the skin with a  gradual release of the product

What are the devices of this technique

First of all it is important to choose the  enter point   where  the cannula  must be  to be carried out in a safe and readily accessible, which leaves a good area  where the cannula can be easily maneuvered .
Secondly, it   is   very important to respect the right  subcutaneous level where the cannula  works
Thirdly, the product released  as filler (  of hyaluronic   acid  or  else) takes  place in a uniformly  and in the right quantity.
A Proper technique will protect  from possible side effects:

What product is used

 Personally I  use two types of products, always natural and resorbable, depending on the condition of the skin and the area to be treated. In cases of deconstraction  , skin laxity and   widespread  ipovolumetrie I utilize  a product having properties of both regenerative and fillers. While in the case of localized  volumetric  filling   I  use a more  cross -linked  product

What are the indications( Areas involved)

The main  application  is    represented by   wide   volumetric filling of the face  and  in  particular  ,it finds  a  suitable    use  in    destructured faces   for the tensive  effect that the cannula generates .The outcomes  are remarkable  in  simple  filling  , such  as :

  • cheekbones
  • Temporal Area
  • chin area
  • mandibular edge
Main application

The effects

The results obtained    thanks  to  this technique are very  satisfying

  • Volumetric rebalance of the face  which  will appear turgid and rejuvenated
  • improvement of the quality of the skin
  • tensive effect with consequent reduction of laxity

You can   be  natural    without    exceed   and  be   vulgar

How long does the effect last

The substances used are natural and biocompatible therefore after a certain period of time will undergo a process of degradation and resorption. This process will take place slowly and   differently , according to  the individual responses and lifestyle factors (sun, smoking, stress, etc. .) However, on average, we can consider a variable time duration  of about 1 year or more

What will your face be like when the effect finishes1

A very important thing to consider is that however   an  improvement even after the  complete resorption of the product. Will last . This is related  to the  regenerated tissues   due to  the particular product used, and ,   for the   tensive action generated by the method.

. What are the possible side effects

The face has some noble structures that must be respected in particular  blood vessels and nerves. A good manual and  a proper  technique is important to avoid possible side effects which mainly include:       

  • Hematoma or bruising for a broken vase
  • Areas of hyper or hypo correction due to a not-uniform release and / or  distribution     of the product

Other side effects may instead be linked to the product used and not to the technique as:

  • local rashes , may occur immediately after implantation, due to a particularly sensitive skin. They last a few hours.
  • reactions of intolerance,very rare,especially related to the strong crosslinked filler. They appear at a distance of time  from the system and are manifested  such as a hardening of the product in the treated area. They disappear within  a few weeks
Cost of treatment

The cost will vary greatly depending on the extent of the area to be treated. Average may be around 400 - 600 euro, while it will be highest in major area of fill , where it is necessary to employ a considerable amount of product..

Contraindications to the treatment
  • Allergy skin in place

  • Pregnancy i

  • Collagen diseases

  • Herpes in active phase

  • Dermatological  autoimmune diseases

  • Dysfunnction of blood coagulation