Stop with the excesses ……...good taste first of all

The experience developed over the course of years has given me the technical expertise to correct some blemishes of the face in particularly difficult areas.
In particular the research has resulted from the careful observation of various clinical cases that have come to my clinic , and from the passion for my job  and above all from the constant research to carry out therapies seeking to obtain “optimal results with very few invasive methods.”

The physiognomic study of each face is very important in the carrying out of  the correction that must be done respecting the aesthetic standards but above all those of” good taste”
Is exactly this that has been missing in the past few years  when a lot of people have gotten aesthetic  medicine not only for the  love of it but, above all for ….One can’t follow trends in aesthetic facial correction , they are not clothes to be changed every season !

I have shown my personal techniques at many conferences around the world ,they regard the three principal areas of the face.

Ceekbones  In the middle third and lips in  the lower third, are very important areas for the volume of the face but for this reason don’t go to extremes : excess volume makes the faces all equal and in certain aspects, above all in maturity ,very inappropriate.
It’s true over the course of years one looses a part of the volume from tissue hypotrophy(fat ,muscle ,bone )but the restoration must be done correctly.

Trout – pout ? NO thanks
Cheekbones  like balls ?    NO  thanks

The other area is also known as  bar- code that is all those more or less marked wrinkles that are on the top lips . It is a difficult area to correct  and good results depend on the ability of the doctor and the correct evaluation of the particular case.

I invite you to visit specific areas


Cheekbones   -   Lips    -   Bar – code