Stretch marks can be described as lesions similar to scars that show on the skin of either red or white coloring, when they turn white is a sign that the tissue is now unstructured (fibrosis)


The result shown on the treatment of white stretch marks with this type of laser are very good. It’s a surgical laser that can help fight even older stretch marks (white ones) that are lon into the wound healing process.

Laser Ray

Moving the laser’s ray along the stretch mark, small portion of the mark itself are removed: this results in reduction of the size of the stretch mark

Number of session

The number of session needed varies depending of the length and size of the stretch mark, nonetheless for optimal results one can estimate a number of three sessions, 40 days from one another. The results shown are very good and sometimes the stretch mark can disappear entirely.
To improve results, in between sessions, one can undergo infiltration treatments based on biostimulating substances such as hyaluronic acid or platelet growth factors.

DIODE LASER 808 for the treatment of RED STRETCH MARKS

This type of laser id used for the treatment of not so old stretch marks of red coloring which means they are still at an inflammatory stage.

How the ray acts

This is not a surgical laser as the one described above, but a soft-laser. The diode laser has anti-inflammatory and regenerative features thus decreasing the inflammation by passing the ray repeatedly over the length of the mark.  This triggers the activation of the natural process of energy cell production which in turn results in a skin restoration.

Session needed

For good results both to reduce the inflammatory process and to gain an improvement of the dermis regeneration one should look at a weekly session for ten weeks. Also thanks to this therapy is important to notice that one is actually blocking the evolution of the process that would have made the scars to worsen.